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crimes of opportunity. police say university of maryland students are being attacked, beaten and robbed in what they are calling crime time. i am in for craig melvin tonight. the crimes happen in the early morning hours when it's dark outside and bars have just closed. darcy spencer is here with more on the disturbing trend. >> it certainly is disturbing and students are frightened. many students are walking home and catching buses back to campus, and that's when the robbers are striking. a university of maryland student was attacked by a group of four men here about 2:00 saturday
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morning. the robbers took the money out of the man's wallet and left him injured on the ground just a few blocks from campus. >> very scary. very thankful that i have never been approached by anyone. >> reporter: this was the latest in a series of off-campus robbers. police are not sure if it is linked to the university. >> we have had four incidents where victims have been robbed, either in late evening hours or early morning hours. in each of these cases we have not had definitive information that links them altogether yet. >> police are warning students they are most likely to become a victim in what they call crime time. they want students to be alert and travel in groups.
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>> crime time is the point in which an individual is most likely to be targeted as a victim of crime. >> one of them was robbed while waiting for a campus shuttle. many are away of the crimes around campus and are taking precautions. >> yeah, i live with one other guy and three girls, so we have to be more careful because we have girls in the house so we are careful about locking the doors. >> police are saying in the latest case the victim waited more than 12 hours to report the crime. they say it's more important for victims to come forward right away with a description of the attacker so they can canvas the area and catch the suspects. girls are in the hospital after a shooting tonight. it happened around 7:00 this evening on 53rd northeast. a large group was gathered and then they heard four or five gun
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shots. so far no arrests have been made. early voting started friday in maryland and already there are allegations of voter fraud. some of the candidates in democratic party officials say somebody is trying to intentionally mislead voters in prince georges county. they are sending out fake ballots. and to support dean. angela brooks for states attorney. >> the literature was being passed out and the authority line comes back to a fake entity, and so what is going on is illegal. >> there is no word tonight on how many fake ballots were mailed and passed out. those connected to the ballots could face charges. jim graham is investigating
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who called out robo calls to his constituen constituents. graham says there are factual errors in the call and several laws have been broken. >> they are illegal, because they are anonymous mass telephone calls and there are federal laws and regulations relating to identification of persons who send the calls, because otherwise you could imagine what would be happening to every election in america, and you say whatever you please, and no identification and walk away. >> both of graham's opponents have issued statements. smith says, quote, we want to make it clear these calls are not associated with our campaign or any known supporters, and end quote. and weaver issued a similar quote saying, quote, i can say 100% these calls did not come
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from me, my campaign or anybody affiliated with my campaign. the police and fbi are investigating. investigators have their first close-up look at the blowout preventer that was supposed to stop the spill. and the retrieval critical piece of evidence should give more into why there was an explosion. >> it emerged slowly from the gulf of mexico, and a sea creature pulled up. the final 500 feet of the failed blowout preventers one-mile journey from the sea floor was the longest. marvin mo
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marvin morris yon is the spokesperson. >> we are taking precautions necessary so the gases is contained and held. >> it was hanging in the dark, the emergency break that failed the night of april 20th, when the deep water horizon rig exploded in flames. now it's a 50-foot tall piece of evidence that may yield clues to why this disaster happened. and there is one last mission to forever seal the well from the bottom with the relief well. and thad allen will give the order to john wright to finish the job. >> the pressure is to basically get the job done and get it over with and get on. >> do you feel that, too, admiral allen, the pressure? >> i am not sure i would call it pressure, but there is a huge
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accountability piece. >> this weekend, he said the memory of the 11 men who died working on the well. >> i think of their families, each and every one of them. i think these guys deserve this, and they deserve to this come up, and we need to find out for not only them, but the industry, and they would want it no other way. >> investigators know the explosion was triggered by a bubble that shot up the drill, but they don't know how or why the gas escapes. if you are thinking about buying a car, tomorrow is your day. why labor day is primetime to buy? >> remember the flight attendant that made the dramatic exit?
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well, that may have been his last exhibit. >> his smile, his eyes, yeah, everything. >> yeah, it's bieber fever, and it's sweeping the state fair. i am chuck bell. what about your labor day forecast? all the answers are coming up in a couple more minutes. hakem, what is in sports? >> redskins head coach is talking about mcnabb for the season opener. plus, championship, wide receiver, a red
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a prince georges county construction worker is being treated at a baltimore trauma center after being buried alive
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in a trench. the accident happened shortly before noon outside an apartment building in district heights. authorities believe vibration from a backhoe caused the dirt to collapse on him. it took rescuers to free him completely and the extent of his injuries are not known. if you are in the market for a car tomorrow may be the best shot for a good deal. some manufacturers are offering 0% interest rates, and financing terms have been cut down from 48 months to 24 months, and there is even cash incentives of up to $5,000. but it all depends on which kind of car you buy, and your credit. the flight atentant that slid his way into the hearts of americans no longer works for
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the company. last month he let loose a profanity laced loud speaker tirade and then slid down the emergency chute. he faces criminal charges including criminal miss chief and reckless endangerment. and lawmakers have applauded the move for craig's list, but is it permanent? temperatures dropping to
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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with the continuing troubled economy and controversy over the white house health care reform, democrats are turning to the white house for support in the upcoming mid-term elections, but it's not for the president's help they are looking for. mike viqueira reports. >> may god bless this ship and all who sail in her.
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>> michelle obama truly is the president's better half. she has remained consistently more popular than her husband in part by taking above the partisan frey, and not taking up nonpartion causes, and the leading fight against childhood obesity, but now she is set to raise her political profile, facing the prospect of masses losses in december, and the democrats issued a stress call, send us michelle. with prospects getting worse by the day, they asked again, and this time the answer was yes. details are still up in the air. but aides stress even on the political hostings mrs. obama will not go on the attack. >> the risk is she could be seen as polarizing and partisan, and that could hurt her because she has tried hard to remain above the frey in advocating for her
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causes. >> she is not immune to criticism. she hit the hits for traveling with her daughter to a posh spot this summer. but this fall, a popular mrs. obama will add to her two roles of mother and advocate with a third. >> with your help in unwavering support -- >> a political campaigner. >> they looked at her and like her a great deal, and my guess is the president would swap favorable ratings with his wife in a heartbeat. >> that was mike viqueira reporting. a day after craig's list shut down the adult services there is still no word on whether the move is permanent. it has come under fire for the adult section with accusations that it amounted to prostitution. last month attorney generals from 17 states including maryland wrote a letter to
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craig's list with an order to take down a what they called an online brothel. >> craig's list has to be held accountable. it's making tens of millions of dollars from these types of ads. >> i hope it's shut down and not a game of semantics. >> it has made $36 million on the adult ads this year alone. and so far craig's list has remained silent on its future plans. and bieber fever officially hit maryland. justin bieber performed on a sold-out crowd tonight. when asked what they would say to the star, here is what they would ask. >> how do you have such good looks? >> i would ask him to marry me. >> i would give him my number. >> yeah, me too! >> justin's presence inspired
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one farmer at the fair, too. check this out. his cow had a baby at the fair today, so of course, he named it justin. >> if you are justin bieber, all can you say is thank you. >> he is soaking it up at the state fair. >> yeah, it's going to be a great one if you are headed out that way, so don't worry about the weather causing problems with your labor day, because it will not be an issue for tomorrow. a beautiful sunday night, a holiday weekend and a lot of folks sitting back and taking it easy, going, you know, one more day. and then it's all back to work and all back to school, kids. yes, indeed, you will not be up this late next sunday night. 78 degrees, the current temperature in washington. 52 is the dew point. a light breeze out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour, and a switch from a northwest wind early this morning back around to the south now means warmer changes are already coming in our direction.
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tomorrow we will be warmer than today and a warming trend goes into the middle of the week. right now, it's 61. and fairfax this afternoon, nice. and it's cold at the beach. current temperature in ocean city, 56 degrees. and 70 here in washington. and 72 down the road in wilmington. jacksonville, florida, 79 degrees. and 82 in wichita, kansas. a lot of warm air right here in the middle of the country and a big ridge of high pressure is steering it in our direction. today we topped off at 81 degrees, and tomorrow will be 84, and as we get to tuesday and wednesday, temperatures flirting with 90 degrees. that's no stranger to us as what has been the hottest summer on record here in washington. summer of 1980 was it. as we come to wednesday and
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thursday, we will get a drop. the next chance for any rain as the moisture way down across south texas has to come up and across the weather front. so tomorrow, no weather concerns at all. clear skies, and cool to even chilly. and a lot of 40s on the map. first thing tomorrow morning in the western and northern suburbs, we might get below 60 here in washington for the first time since may 21st. and then tomorrow afternoon, sunny and sparling new skies. and then maryland and navy taking on each other in baltimore tomorrow afternoon. kickoff at 4:00. no weather problems there. kickoff temperatures near 80 degrees. and virginia tech, and the boise state has brought everybody from the state of idaho.
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>> coming up, the redskins could be shopping for a new wide receiver. plus, some football prayers are answered for the east [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still.
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since our beginning, we've been there for clients through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. and there's one thing that will never change. we are, the rock you can rely on. prudential.
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the albert haynesworth drama not gaway? >> no, a never ending story. >> albert haynesworth is unlikely to start the redskins season opener against the cowboys, and that's according to a report by jason reid of the "washington post." apparently the drama is not over. here is a recap. haynesworth did not show up for
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offseason ota's, and skipped the mandatory camp, and then called out mike shanahan for under playing his medical condition, and then last week it appeared they put the drama behind them after joking with each other, but not so fast. haynesworth played 45 of the 50 snaps against arizona. they said he gave little effort and shanahan has lost his patience with the nine-year veteran. and on saturday haynesworth took part on very few plays and it's unlikely he would start in week one. and how about the starting quarterback, donovan mcnabb. our own lindsay asked shanahan that question last night on the coach's show. >> reporter: we know he is healing from the ankle injury. are you closer from knowing if he will start the regular season
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against the cowboys? >> i feel good about him being ready to go, and he will be able to practice in the next couple days. i feel very good. >> reporter: so you are confident he will be the starter that first game? >> yes, i am. >> there you go. meanwhile, the redskins signed seven other players to the roster. the redskins can still sign one more player. practice squad players make $5,200 a week, and $88,000 if they are on the squad all 17 weeks of the season. wide receiver was cut yesterday by the seahawks. and tonight there are reports he could be headed to the raiders or redskins. the soon-to-be 33-year-old is owed a guaranteed $37 million.
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i am no betting man, but if i would, i would bet a farm if i had one that the nationals do not lose 100 games for a third year i a row. for that to happen the nationals would have to lose 22 of their final 25 games. not happening. and rigleman here. and strike three, and marquis goes six innings. top of the fourth, dunn sitting on a career home run number 349. here is career home run number 350. pretty cool. a solo shot to the second deck left dunn with 34 home runs this season. still in the fourth, a batted round.
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zimmerman with the bases loaded, and he delivers, and singled to center. and that places ramos and marquis go. and the nationals take 2 of 3 from the pirates. pretty good here. the record of 2,632 straight games will never be broken. and roberts up with two on. drives one to left. crawford cannot make the catch. here comes issue tursious. orals take a 6-5 lead. top nine. and longoria, yeah, he swings to end the game. the orioles win over tampa bay.
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two games in our area, first at 4:00. maryland plays navy in baltimore, and then virginia tech takes on boise state. third quarter, east carolina on offense. dominique davis throws to lewis. bounces off a tackler, and that's pretty cool. east carolina in front. five seconds to play. east carolina now down 39:45. hail mary. and a 33-yard td. the biggest catch of his life. east carolina comes back to win it in the final. and that's cool. and also in the u.s. open, venus advances to the finals. coming up after the break, we're going duck hunting with
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finally, a classic video games is having a comeback as sorts. duck hunt may have resurrected
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nintendo originally. look at him go. he does not have a controller, but who needs one when you are going at the screen with the clause. check it out. he is going after them. >> old school, like me. >> he needs the remote control gun, though. >> i don't think cats have thumbs, according to -- >> i don't know, the dog is just laughing at the cat there. that's our show
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